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About eWebmin

What Is eWebmin
eWebmin is a booking administration organizer per say. When you are ready to mark a booking on your calendar you would login to your eWebmin program through your Internet browser and add create your customer, add their booking into your database then print out their contract and send it to them or email it to them. There are dozens of features eWebmin offers that make running your company much easier that you are doing it right now. Nobody else in the world can see your bookings as you have your own username and password and your own customized setup options, you'll don't have to worry about other people seeing your customers as eWebmin is more secure than anything else on the market today!

The Technology
eWebmin, formerly DJ Webmin, is built on the most secure platform on the web, .NET/AJAX programming. There is almost nothing we can't do to expand eWebmin to fit the needs of today's event booking professionals. Our 4-tier redundant backup systems can give you the piece of mind that your information is secure and backed up.

The Concept
It's simple, it makes you wonder why it has just become available now! The most part of the world is online, doing business in a virtual way that turns out to be the best way. You can't always be at your desk, you don't always run your service full-time, you need a pre-networked solution for your office. Whatever the scenario is for you, eWebmin was the simple answer...to develop this complete booking management application completely online.

The Cost
What would you pay to have ease of mind about the most important task in a event professional company? Would you pay up to a hundred per month? You probably would but we all know that most of us don't operate 20 bookings per weekend bringing in thousands per month in revenue. eWebmin is priced to be affordable for any size company. You get all the features, free eWebmin upgrades, unlimited booking administration, special promotions and more...View eWebmin pricing details here!

Our Qualifications
If you ask what makes our company qualified to create the eWebmin solution, then you are asking a good question! Our designers are a team of web/software developers and veteran wedding professionals who combined the needs and wants of a company for booking administration. Our veteran djs run their own mobile dj companies and have tested eWebmin in a "real-life" environment to prove it's worthiness and stability. At this point, every one of them will never turn back to their old booking admin ways thanks to eWebmin... it truly is the answer to a solid booking solution for your company. In addition our staff listens to other users with their suggestions and often integrates their ideas into the software.

Our Company Stability
Our parent company, MobileBeat.com, has been around since 1994 and getting stronger every day. With a stable web presence for this amount of time, it's proven stability and dedication to the mobile disc jockey industry. eWebmin is a veteran member to the MobileBeat.com family guaranteed to take be around for many years to come.

Marketing Partners and Friends
eWebmin is teamed up with Intelligence, Inc. to offer a rock solid complete Internet solution for the industry. Intelligence, Inc. offers website tools to make your company use it's website to it's maximum potential and is fully integrated with eWebmin. Look for many great things with this partnership to help you be the best you can be! eWebmin and MobileBeat.com are also active in the convention scene and with the major wedding industry associations. It is through this high profile presence that eWebmin has secured its position as the leader in the industry.
What Clients are Saying:

eWebmin has been a tremendous tool for our business! We run a DJ company, a videography company, an event design company, and a booking agency though this powerful website. It combines a multitude of administrative programs into one and saves us a ton of time. Their new site is quick to respond to customer service questions which is vitally important for a business like ours. Thank-you eWebmin for providing such a stellar program to meet all of our evolving needs in the event industry!
Kris Yust
Millenium Music & Video

"In videography, these programs cost thousands a year. Your price is VERY affordable and eWebmin has everything I need to run my business exactly how I wish!"
Mike Lucas
Lucas Media Productions
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