Perfect Lead Closing

Most every booking starts as a “lead”. You’ve been through the drill hundreds of times, and it’s exciting when you land the booking. The questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I making this harder than it is?
  • What is the customer feeling from the moment they contact me?
  • Is what I’m doing giving me the maximum closing ratio?

In the likelihood that you don’t have an ongoing business management degree, you are just going with the flow and learning along the way. Most of us are forced to learn as we go, because our business is our prime focus and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

You’re likely using a booking management system to keep track of all facets of the event, like eWebmin, so you’ve conquered that piece of the business. What about how you get the sale, and using tools that are out there to maximize your closing percentage so you can get that event on your calendar inside eWebmin?

We’ve done a thorough search in finding a ‘true’ sales automation system that fits hand-in-hand with eWebmin, and it’s a good one! So much, that we’ve built an integration interface because of them.

Event Temple

It’s a fast-paced and web-based world, and just like eWebmin, the folks at Event Temple have created a solution that makes your life much easier and more automated. They desire to let their system do the work for you once you’ve grabbed that lead!

Start a free trial and see what it can do for you:

Once you enter the lead and tell them a few simple things, it’s great visual interface lets you see exactly where they are in the sales pipeline. Don’t miss a task either, they make sure you know what needs to get done.

Integration with eWebmin

Here’s how you hook Event Temple up with eWebmin:

  1. Copy the API key in eWebmin, from your Admin > Preferences

    API key for integration into 3rd party services


  2. Login to your Event Temple account, then go to settings > API & Integration > Web Hooks
  3. Under the popped up window for adding a new web hook, choose/enter:
    – Trigger Event: leads.booked
    – Target URL:{Paste your API key here}
    – Secret: {no value put here}
    – Choose “Save”

    EventTemple Web Hook

    Adding your eWebmin API key in Event Temple

From there, once you’ve confirmed the booking, your lead will create an event in eWebmin and you can manage the event until it’s completed from within eWebmin.

It’s important to use the right tools to be effective in running your business efficiently and profitably. Spending smart money on these tools will help you get to your business financial goals.