Boring conversation


We all have that friend who drives every conversation into “me, me, me”. The purpose of this is to help you realize that YOU may just be that person when it comes to your business and selling your services.

There’s nothing more annoying than having a conversation with somebody who always turns the conversation to talk about them. Think about it. Have you ever been talking with a friend about something that happened to you, or something you did, and magically it ends up always taking a 180 degree quick turn and suddenly they’re talking about them. No matter what you start in the conversation, it ends up being all about them.

As much as this annoys you, it may be something that you do all the time with your business and don’t even realize it.

Your customer already knows how good you might be, or they wouldn’t be wasting their time talking to you They’ve generally done the research and wouldn’t have called you unless they were interested in you. If they just found you in the yellow pages and are going down the list, then talking all about yourself is even more of a turn-off, and it’s likely going to end up with them hanging up and calling the next service in the list.

Bottom line is that people don’t want to hear about how great you are, but rather what you can do to make them feel good about hiring you. What can you do to solve a problem or need they have. The more you spew about your greatness, the more it may actually will make them realize they don’t want that type of person at their event.

They called you because they have a need, but they don’t really know what questions to ask, so they ask a few questions about you…but what they really want to know is how you can make them feel good about hiring you, not that you’ve done this a thousand times and are the best there’s ever been! Don’t take their questions about your service in the same sense as you being interviewed, it’s not what they’re looking for. You need to steer the customer away from “you, you, you” and make it about “them, them, them”. You may find that once you quickly redirect the questions to be about them, they’ll start to figure out what they really want to know about ‘you’.

It really comes down to listening, and not tooting your horn, thinking you’re impressing anybody, at every chance you get. You’re not impressive, plain and simple. You may even start to find out that it becomes habit, even when talking to friends and family, making you much more pleasant to talk to.