Get your event’s to show automatically in your Google or Outlook calendar by using eWebmin’s calendar feed URL feature.

Calendar feed URL’s are powerful. They can be used in many different calendar applications that you use every day. Most of today’s phones and tablets have calendars integrated by some of the largest calendar services (Google, Outlook, Apple), and eWebmin can easily automatically populate your events in any of these calendars.

  • Choose Admin > Company Setup and notice the calendar feed URL, copy the entire URL.
  • Go to your 3rd party calendar (Google/Outlook calendar) and paste the feed URL into the appropriate spot to add the feed. (Note: Google search how to do this in your particular calendar if you aren’t sure)
  • Now all events, and any future event you add, will populate into your calendar automatically. Any changes you make to the event in eWebmin will update in your calendar as well.

The video above explains exactly how to do these steps. We hope you found this tutorial useful.