If you’re looking to bypass the standard invoice numbers assignment, here’s how you can add your own invoice numbers using a custom field option.

With so many accounting systems being used, we understand that it may be crucial to keeping accounting records straight by having custom invoice numbers. It’s very simple to do, and we give you a custom field to assign whatever you wish to it. In this case, an invoice number.

  • Simply name the custom field 1 in your Admin > Preferences, and save the page.
  • Inside an event add the value to the custom field you activated. This will show in the event details section of the event.
  • Update your custom form, placing the [customfield1] bracket tag where you’d like the value to be shown.
  • Next time you pull up that custom form in an event, you’ll see the value of that field in the form for that event.

The video above explains exactly how to do these steps. We hope you found this tutorial useful.